About Jena

Jena Booher is a strategic culture consultant and entrepreneur. With eight years of experience on Wall Street, an MS in Mental Health Counseling, and her current pursuit of a PhD in Psychology, Jena brings a unique combination of professional experience and academic background to her work. 

Jena helps companies in the NYC area to create sustainable, scalable cultures. She works with companies big and small, with a special focus on dynamic, high growth startups.

Jena began her career at a major Wall Street bank, working as a sales trader across the firm's Equities and FX divisions, where she was a top 5% performer amongst her peers globally. Her corporate experience gave her a firsthand look at how a company's broken culture affects the mental health of its employees. Companies had a long way to go in order to build an inclusive environment especially for people from underrepresented groups: women, people of color, and new parents. She left finance to get a degree in psychology.

Now her work helps to either reinforce or shift a company’s culture in order to move the organization forward. This includes:

  • improving interpersonal relationships from the CEO to the intern to build trust and cohesion in the organization

  • working with leadership teams on evaluating the impact of strategic decisions on culture

  • helping companies repair any fall out that occurred from events such as a merger or acquisition or decisions that may have negatively impacted culture

Jena is also the founder of Babies on the Brain, a mission-driven organization working on ending the motherhood penalty. Babies on the Brain aims to increase female retention, improve the health and wellbeing of employees, while giving companies the tools and skills to make it happen.


Jena is a sought-after speaker and author. She has been featured at TEDx, Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc., and many other popular forums. Jena is also a certified Hogan feedback provider.


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