On Strategy Consulting

"Hiring Jena was one of the best strategic decisions I made in the aftermath of our company’s merger. After merging with our top competitor, it became clear that there were significant differences in our approach to culture and company values— Jena was instrumental in rebuilding trust and ensuring cohesion across all levels of our newly merged organization. Over the course of her long-term engagement with us, Jena provided strategic guidance in building out our organizational and people development, as well as worked individually to coach our entire leadership team. Additionally, Jena pioneered our Diversity and Inclusion strategy including an unconscious bias training for the entire organization. As a result of Jena’s work, our employees are more connected and unified in our post-merger identity and more deeply engaged and motivated in their respective positions. Jena’s work is top notch and I highly recommend her if you are in need of moving a company’s culture forward."

— Nick Romito, CEO at VTS

"Jena and her team have raised the organizational awareness and competency level of D&I related concerns across VTS from the executive team to individual level. Over the last several months Jena has driven a program of activities in support of this goal spanning discovery, management training, 1:1 coaching, a speaker series, formation of a D&I working group, and formulation of a structured annual plan. As a result of her work, there is now an organizational-wide awareness of D&I related topics, directed energy towards making further improvements, and people across all levels have greater comfort engaging with and speaking about D&I issue. This shows up through greater participation in our D&I working group, adoption and execution of a broad spectrum of D&I initiatives under the umbrella of our 2018 strategic plan, and more broadly through an emerging cultural norm of being more intentional and deliberate in how we operate."

— Niall Smart, SVP of Engineering & Co-Founder at VTS

"Jena’s particular expertise in working with female leaders was critical to the effectiveness of my own work with her as well as that of other leaders within our organization. Her integrated approach to working with our company—through leadership coaching in conjunction with management training, company-wide lunch-and-learns, and involvement in our diversity and inclusion initiatives—has been pivotal to establishing an intentional culture at our company and to helping employees come together after a significant M&A event. We engaged Jena for eight months, seeking a holistic scope of work, and she quickly gained the trust of our executives and employees. In fact, employees often cited their interactions with her as highlights in our employee NPS surveys. The value of her work as a third-party expert cannot be overstated. I would recommend Jena without hesitation as an exceptional partner to any HR/personnel team. 

Personally working with Jena was transformative for me. Jena helped me create space where I could analyze my strengths, weaknesses, values, and approach towards work interactions objectively. She was instrumental in developing my ability to confidently articulate and own my story of past achievements as well as to create a clear vision of what I am looking for in the future. I found her direct, structured, and empathetic approach effective and approachable, as did many of the other leaders in our high-growth tech environment. Jena has strengthened my effectiveness as a leader—I now have a better awareness of my own values and sensitivities when managing up or down, and clarity and confidence in how I market myself."

— Sinye Tang, Former Senior Director of Business Operations at VTS


"I worked with Jena as the HR representative on my team, and she made the whole experience very easy. She is a fast and succinct communicator who defines clear expectations, deadlines and desired outcomes. She is the perfect blend of professional and personable, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. We collaborated on hosting brown bag events, Executive Coaching, facilitating Unconscious Bias trainings, leading our Diversity and Inclusion Committee and much much more. Whatever you are looking to do, Jena has the knowledge and experience to lead the program with ease. I speak for my entire company when I say we are moving in the right direction, thanks to Jena."

— Irene Zinnel, Senior Coordinator, People & Culture

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"Jena’s long career on Wall Street combined with her interpersonal insight and skills rooted in psychology yield an experience that is focused both on organizational challenges as well as the unique individual obstacles of each employee. Through our company’s work with her I have personally witnessed a re-invigoration of both our managers and individual contributors energy and commitment levels, combined with an increased sense of ownership. This has all reinforced our high performance culture. With her help, we were able to move past the larger cultural struggles we faced post-merger and have successfully integrated two distinct cultures into one. I highly recommend Jena for any organization focusing on change management."
— Tim Harvey, Executive Chairman at VTS
"I highly recommend Jena for any HR department looking to bring out optimal performance from its employees or align the organization on change management. Jena is an excellent complement to what we aim to accomplish in our People Department at VTS. Her integrity and care for others contribute to building the environment of trust we aim for in our organization where employees can speak freely about their challenges, paving the way for real, effective change at the individual and firm-wide level. Jena possesses a special ability to objectively and directly confront sensitive topics in a way that is constructive and leads to a more positive workplace culture. With her experience in both corporate America and academia, she brings a unique skill set and pulls from her broad experience to bring a valuable new perspective to people issues."
— Angela Kuo, SVP of People
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"Jena was a critical part of our pilot with a new coaching product at Shine: making well-being more accessible using messaging. Thanks to her extensive industry experience in psychology, Jena was able to advise us on best practices in dealing with some of the tougher wellness challenges our clients face. Overall Jena is an incredible asset who understands the nuances of the millennial culture from a healthcare, academic, and business perspective."

— Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey, CEOs at Shine

"We run a series of early-stage tech incubators across NYC as a partnership between the City of New York and NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, and have graduated companies like Clarifai, Bounce Exchange, CB Insights, Geometric Intelligence, Vettery, and over 90 others. We sought out Jena Booher specifically when we discovered many of our company founders had poor or no systems in place to support the needs of a successful and diverse work force.

"Jena is extremely undervalued for what she brought to our organisation, and to the early and growing tech companies in our portfolio. Clearly a high-powered achiever throughout her career, she advised our companies on the cultural elements and policies that are critical to strong organisations, guiding us through human psychology, corporate case studies, and anecdotal evidence, all backed up with a ton of data—which we loved. She was also extremely accessible and made herself available for follow-up support after her time with us, in addition to providing long-term resources to keep us all on track. We will not hesitate to bring Jena back for future cohorts!"

— Teal Willingham, GM, NYU Future Labs