On Executive Coaching

"With her unique background in banking as well as psychology, we were easily able to hit the ground running with Jena— she instantly understood the complexities of our corporate environment in a way many academics may not have. Both myself and other senior leaders consider Jena to be an invaluable partner to our C-Suite and executive team — helping us to be aware our blind spots on a company-wide level. Her strategic mindset saved us time, money, and stress when refining our corporate culture. Jena enabled us to operate more effectively and efficiently individually and as a collective leadership team— so much so that we are continuing to work with her past our original contract. Working with her individually, Jena helped me find insight into how manage relationships with those who operative differently from my own style, and taught me strategies to advocate for myself. Jena is wonderful to work with and I have both appreciated and relied upon her guidance and support during our time working together."

— Michelle McComb, Chief Financial Officer at VTS

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"In addition to offering tangible techniques that are ready-to-use as soon as you walk out of your session, Jena has helped me reflect on past achievements and form new professional and personal goals. After defining what these goals were, we focused on figuring out what the next steps to achieving those goals were and would continuously monitor how I was tracking. As one of the few women of color in my organization, it was important that I had a coach that could empathize with the challenges of feeling like you have to represent an entire group of people. I feel extremely fortunate that I could be completely transparent about any challenge I encountered and was confident that Jena would help me strategize on how to navigate the situation and advocate for myself. Jena has up-leveled my career in a way that was unbeknownst to me!”

— Bianca Soliz, Product Manager at VTS

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"Our sessions gave me additional perspectives on how to tackle things that are important to me on my teams - trust, communication, and motivation. Since Jena was working with everyone in leadership within the Customer Success team, I saw across the entire team changes in the way we communicated and worked through conflicts. There were a number of difficult decisions that had to be made in Q1, which were worked through more smoothly due to improved communication across the board. Also, at the time of our team offsite, Jena helped me structure team exercises to help increase trust and cohesion. This ended up being one of the most successful parts of the offsite and got the team thinking about how we work in a much more macro way, vs. focusing on each micro issue or concern independently. The session sparked motivations on the team as a whole, which was exactly the goal. One of the largest impacts on a personal note after working with Jena is self-advocacy. One coaching goal of mine is to speak up for myself and recognize that my input is important in conversations. Since starting to work with Jena, I’ve consistently participated in meetings and initiated conversations with executives that I would have held back from in the past. It’s given me confidence to speak up and be heard more regularly at work. Outside of the office, the individual sessions and presentations made by Jena to our company have given me tools to have better conversations with friends and family when there’s a conflict. It’s helped me untangle issues and de-escalate fights without things spiraling."

— Lily Engle, Senior Director, Deployment at VTS


“We put a lot of ourselves into our work! When you are so emotionally invested in your job, teammates and outcomes at the office, having the opportunity to work with Jena is a breath of fresh air. There was definitely a turning point during and after my work with her—she has a remarkable, incisive ability to get at the heart of what matters. Through discussion, exercises, and really deep knowledge and insight she was able to make a profound difference in my productivity, happiness, and effectiveness in the office and in my personal life. Working with her resulted in personal obstacles being identified and addressed directly, and created awareness and space for me to show up as the best version of myself in the kinds of situations where it may have been a challenge before.”

— Merav Kanpol, Manager, Client Success at Doctor.com


“I was able to connect (very specific) emotional triggers and behaviors to past experiences. Understanding the where and why combined with Jena providing the how (to handle) has given me a greater sense of self-awareness. I am able to confidently navigate emotionally charged situations and not allow it to impact my life in a way that is detrimental to my mental health and well-being.”

— Kim Stagg, Director of Operations at Doctor.com

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"My company hired Jena for a long-term engagement to coach the senior leaders of the firm on how to become better managers. Her deep knowledge of the company enabled me to cut to the core issues I was facing as a manager much quicker. She also has years of experience in the corporate world and personal understanding of the common issues leaders face. One of her most valuable contributions was helping me become more aware of my anxiety triggers and teaching me how to transform anxious thoughts into more productive ones. This has greatly enabled me to be a better leader and positively impacted my life outside the office."

— Jess Tsai, Senior Director of Enterprise Account Management at VTS

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"Through working with Jena, I’ve been better able to advocate for both myself and my team. Specifically, I’ve learned to express challenges I’m experiencing to upper management in a way that makes me feel empowered rather than feel like I’m complaining. This has greatly improved my life at work because I’m confident expressing what I need from my managers in a productive and constructive way. I’ve also felt happier at work despite so much change going on all the time. My sessions with have helped me to separate my emotions from the changes and to objectively analyze how to adjust to each change."

— Jamie Masterson, Senior Product Manager at VTS

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“Through working with Jena I'm a far more effective manager: I'm keenly aware of what motivates my team at this point. I'm able to respond to each of my reports in a way that's more focused, supportive, and effective. The ripple effect of my work with her has extended to my team: they are noticeably happier at work and my top performers are more content in their current day-to-day because they know I understand how to support their goals. That's a win-win for all involved.”

— Matt Engfer, Team Lead Enterprise Accounts at VTS


"I've started 'walking with my shoulders held high.’ What I mean is Jena helped me get clear on how to be the best leader I can be. I started new habits to be more accessible and supportive to my reps. By working with Jena I've started to feel, think, form a professional approach, which has greatly impacted my career progression.”

— MacKenzie Heeney, Inside Sales Manager at Doctor.com


"I loved working with Jena and am so incredibly grateful that my company provided her as a resource for our team. When I was experiencing issues or conflicts, Jena was the perfect person to go to. She helped me face issues head on, rather than letting them linger or escalate, and provided me with the tools to develop sustainable solutions for recurring problems. Working with Jena has made me a better manager and employee. I’ve learned how important boundaries are and how to best establish them. By defining them, I’ve been able to become more productive, I’ve avoided getting pulled into conflicts that don’t require my attention, and I’m better able to articulate what I see as being the best use of time and resources for the company. Jena was also a sounding board for any personal concerns I was having. By giving myself the time and space to work through these issues, I could maintain focus on my job while in the office and avoid letting personal issues be a distraction from my work."

— Jessica Kurz, Senior Director of Account Management at VTS


"Jena's work with my team was nothing short of transformational. I greatly benefitted from our time together regarding self-advocacy and career pathing, and I received unsolicited positive feedback from everyone in my department who worked with her. I noticed an exponential increase in self-awareness among the managers on my team, and it was exciting for me to hear them proactively call out personal wins and improvements that resulted from topics covered in their 'Jena sessions.' Her combination of professional experience with psychology allows her guidance to be so deeply attuned to the individual, which holds extensive value that I've never experienced with other coaches or consultants."

— Mara Kaufman, VP, Client Services at Doctor.com


“Through our time together, I gained much clarity and made progress on skills that are essential to develop in my career as an executive, operator, and manager. Jena’s coaching experience and background in finance and psychology is a powerful trifecta that enabled her to be effective not only with me, but also others on our leadership team who worked closely with her. Her coaching will have a lasting impact on our team dynamics.”

— Katie Jaxheimer Agarwal, VP of Operations and Finance, Maven


"Jena's strong background in both psychology and business allows her to make crucial insights into how the people in organizations can make meaningful changes that help both the business and their job satisfaction. She patiently coached me through several "aha!" moments that let me figure out the crux of issues that were bothering me, as well as to identify and elevate what was working well. By working with Jena, I got valuable insights into where my energies might be best spent. Specifically, clarifying where there were gaps in my role to discuss with my manager; identifying areas where missing documentation was hurtful to the team and company; and digging into culture questions that were having morale impact. My life has improved tremendously because I have a better sense of where the key 'hot spots' are and where they are not, so I feel like I can have more leverage and job satisfaction."

— Chuck Groom, Serial Entrepreneur & Director of Engineering


“Before I started meeting with Jena, I had lost track of how I specifically provided value to the organization. Jena helped me remember what talents I bring to the table. She helped me restore my confidence and now I am feeling like myself again.”

— Karl Baum, CTO at a Technology Startup


“My coaching sessions with Jena were priceless. She helped me not only grow as a leader, but also aided me on remote office culture. Our headquarters are in the US and I manage the London office. As a result, I deal with a unique set of international challenges. Jena helped me stop to think about the big picture vision for our international strategy and gave me a framework to build a more collaborative culture that values open feedback and empathy.”

— Charlie Wade, Managing Director UK


“Thanks to the time I spent with Jena, I have clearer insight into my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. I am better able to identify my triggers for reduced performance, and to work better with my peers and my team to accomplish our goals. We spent meaningful amounts of our sessions engaging with the issues that were important to me. I notice the impact that coaching has made in my daily life all the time!”

— Zach Zaro, CTO


"Jena has been instrumental in my personal leadership development. Specifically, Jena worked with me to understand how to optimize my team’s efforts by tailoring incentives to each employee and investing in their professional growth. She served as the perfect balance of an outside, unbiased consultant and an insider with an understanding of our company and stakeholders, enabling me to make wise and strategic team and company-wide decisions with her guidance. I was particularly grateful that Jena worked with our entire leadership team simultaneously, allowing us to both evolve as individual leaders as well as unify as a trusting team after merging from two competing firms. With a clear understanding of our personal and organizational differences, we were able move forward with trust and compromise for the betterment of the organization. I highly recommend Jena for word with any C-Suite team, her work truly helped us greatly."

— Andrew Rains, SVP of Sales at VTS


“In only five sessions, Jena helped me immensely on a personal and professional level. I expanded my sphere of influence, elevated my voice and gained confidence. On a tactical level, I improved my efficiency by focusing my time on high value tasks, boundary setting and making individuals responsible and accountable for their work. This approach reduced my personal frustration, added time back into my work day and allowed me to think strategically and to dedicate time to help the team. Jena understood my challenges pretty quickly, empowered me to come up with actionable items and checked-in when she knew I needed a nudge. She is extremely approachable, insightful and left me with a toolkit of invaluable strategies for me to adapt and apply to future situations. Anyone looking to improve themselves would benefit from any time with Jena.”

— Carol Ying, Head of Sales Operations


"My company hired Jena to do leadership coaching for our entire leadership team over six months. I was part of that group, as a first time manager. After working with Jena I can say I am a much more confident leader and I can stand behind my decisions. Jena helped me see the “bigger picture” when dealing with difficult situations, be it at work or even in my personal life. I used to approach situations with a lot of unknowns with anxiety, but now I feel like I can take a step back and ask the right questions to benefit myself and all others involved."

— Danielle Macan, Senior Manager, Customer Operations, VTS


"Jena has been such an unbelievable asset to my growth as an individual and to our company as a whole. I see the impact that she has made to our team every single day, and throughout our organization, too. I don’t know where we would be without the value that Jena has added to our company. Through my own personal work with Jena, I find my mindset about how I manage my workload has fundamentally changed. She has helped me adjust my approach to my work and to managing my anxieties. This has made me much more effective in my position. I have learned how to take a step back and really examine where ownership lies in issues that I previously had taken on as my own—which has improved my motivation at work and taken unnecessary stress away."

— Stephanie Carlon, EA to the CEO at VTS


“Jena helped me learn how to prioritize and manage my workload and time. She taught me how to identify areas where I could utilize my team to help our clients in a more efficient way, as well as, nail down areas of my job and workplace that I could improve. I thought Jena was fantastic to work with—she was understanding and empathetic. I could really tell that she has years of education and experience and is able to use her corporate and clinical knowledge to help others.”

— Nicole Del Negro, Client Success Manager Team Lead at Doctor.com