On Speaking

"Jena is a first-rate speaker with an ability to deliver unequivocal subject matter expertise while also being relatable and compassionate with her audience. Moët Hennessy USA engaged Jena for a four part speaker series as part of our diversity and inclusion launch for 2018. Through this engagement, Jena has played a critical role in helping to further advance our corporate culture. The topics she addresses resonate beyond a narrowly defined target audience and appeal to all those who have a desire to support their fellow colleagues and be an advocate for change. In addition to the educational benefits, this initiative has created a much-needed platform for working parents to speak openly about the challenges they face, particularly in the wines and spirits industry. Her voice has been instrumental in bringing to life our company's commitment to championing diversity and inclusion as a strategic business and leadership imperative."

— Kim Kennedy, Director, Learning & Organizational Development at Moët Hennessy USA


“Jena is a rare mix of business savviness with psychological insight. Her mental health talks and workshops have been incredibly well-received. Audience and interest kept growing after every session as the word spread. Several employees came together with a desire for our culture to support mental health better, but no real understanding of what that would look like. Jena helped us find the words and the structure to talk about the stresses of startup life and create a deeper sense of and respect for each other. Further, we walked away with a list of practical takeaways that we are discussing at the executive level to continue to improve our culture.”

— Randal Vegter, Head of People Operations at NewsCred


"We brought Jena in to do her Mental Health at Work talk for all our employees. Everyone LOVED the presentation. Jena's energy, candor and openness with the team was engaging from the start. By the end, we were on the edge of our seats, wanting to fully immerse ourselves in the subject matter. Jena has a wealth of knowledge and a true knack for breaking down complex information into easy-to-understand language. Her talk will have a great impact on both our professional and personal lives for many years to come - she has changed our outlook and taught us how to approach difficult situations at work, through both our actions and reactions. Jena has a genuine interest in helping others and is incredibly generous with her time. We can't wait to have her back!"

— Ladies of ITHQ


"At Doctor.com we work in a very competitive, high stress environment and having reliable coping skills is critical to our employees performing at their optimal levels. We brought Jena in as an expert to discuss how to effectively deal with anxiety, depression, self-doubt and general stress in the workplace. Her knowledge on the subject was deep and she equipped our team with the skills and approaches they need to be successful and happy in all facets of life."

- James Kurz, VP of Finance at Doctor.com


"I invited Jena to run her workshop for our BAWS group (all female talent) at our NY office. Jena’s expertise in what keeps women happily working and engaged, combined with her academic and clinical background made her presentation incredibly unique and compelling. Her delivery was moving for many and incredibly informative as our rapidly scaling company considers policy change and flexibility for new parents. Attendees of the workshop walked away with specific tips on how to advance their careers while having a family and maintaining self-care. We can’t wait to have her back!"

— Sarah Schwarzbeck, Former Head of Product at Plated


“We hired Jena for our wellness event because we knew her message around maintaining mental health in demanding work environments would be a perfect fit for our employees.  Our attendees connected with her and appreciated her tips for improving well-being in and out of the office. Jena is incredibly relatable and has a fascinating background where she is able to marry both her corporate experience with her clinical training. This makes for a truly unique talk and she was also super easy to work with.”

— Kelly Restagno, L&D Executive, Luxury Watch & Jewelry House


"It is no question that Jena had a profound impact on moving our company’s culture forward post our merger. Not only have I been impressed by her strategic consulting and coaching work, but also her speaking abilities. Jena gave multiple company-wide talks focusing on employee engagement and well-being in the workplace. The material she presented was highly relevant to any organization, but especially startups. Jena is a dynamic speaker and very credible and grounded in her expertise of what she is presenting whether it be work psychology, diversity and inclusion, motivation and retaining top talent, or advocacy in the workplace."

— Patrick Kehoe, SVP of Customer Success & Services at VTS


"Jena’s talk on Mental Health in the Workplace is so incredibly relevant and needed especially for employees in highly competitive work environments. In the past, I have been pretty skeptical of anything along these lines in the workplace because it often comes across as being touchy/feely and hard to put into practice, but everything from the specific tools to managing stress, anxious and depressive symptoms came across as being practical and necessary."

— James Leonzio, Head of Production, SaaS startup