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jenabooher PhD

Dr. Booher's

All products are proprietary and empirically backed by industrial and organizational science.  Dr. Booher’s background in quantitative analysis, research methods, and statistics combined with “on the ground” experience have catalyzed an ability to productize many of her frameworks. 



2. Organizational Culture & Health Assessment (OCHA)™

There are various dimensions of culture that contribute to performance.  The OCHA evaluates dimensions such as organizational focus, confidence in vision and mission, commitment levels, team synergy, adaptability to change, sense of urgency, information sharing, values, and many more.  This assessment is part of the preparation process as the company enters a ScaleUp phase of growth.   By understanding which areas need to be leveraged, developed, or improved, the organization will be better equipped to scale from a People and Culture perspective.  

3. M&A Culture Assessment (MACA)™

Culture plays a critical role in successful value creation when it comes to M&A events. The MACA is an assessment to compare two organizations across ten culture dimensions that can cause either friction or value.  The results from the assessment can either be an important data point in your due diligence process and/or influence your M&A integration roadmap.

1. The Startup Employee Performance Assessment (SEPA)™

This assessment is a simple solution to identify the behavioral styles of startup employees whose company has already received their Series A funding, is growing quick, but not yet exited.  The assessment provides meaningful insight into ways individual contributors can grow and develop in their startup career.  It measures where employees fall on the following dimensions and then recommends ways to improve their performance on each: personal initiative, grit, emotional intelligence, dependability, flexibility, openness to learning, team support, ambiguity tolerance, conflict management, and knowledge sharing. 


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Assessments | Cultural Blueprint


The culture blueprint is a systematic guide to helping founders build a culture they can be proud of from the very beginning.  Distilling my years of experience architecting, transforming, and teaching culture-building, the Culture Blueprint will give you the foundational elements to getting “culture right” early.

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