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Project Belong

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Project Belong

Project Belong is a series of initiatives that I dedicate my expertise to on a volunteer basis.  These are businesses run by social impact entrepreneurs with a shared mission of creating connection, hope, and healing. 

 I believe these businesses are transforming the world and feel privileged to be a part of them.

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MensXMental is a non-profit organization cultivating a community of MENtally strong male athletes.  Led by CEO and Founder, Teddy Sourlis, MXM strives to break down the barriers and stigmas surrounding the mental health of male athletes and all survivors.  


I volunteer my time as a hands-on strategic business advisor in service to Teddy. We work collaboratively in organizing the current & future developments of the Men’s X Mental enterprise to bring the entire team to new heights.  


The need for sports psychology to evolve is a global imperative: moving away from obsessing over performance to a holistic approach focuses on the entirety of the “human-athlete” regardless of how they perform on the field.  


Our shared vision is to cultivate an empowering community that nurtures the mental health of athletes all around the world.


SketchPoetic is a healing methodology created by Sheila Darcey.  Sheila is an artist, innovator, and author. She is a pioneer in using artistic expression as a way to shift from negative thinking and spiraling emotions into the realm of possibility. 


I am proud to be part of her Healing Collective Community, a group of global leaders who are deeply passionate about holistic wellness.  We seek to shape the cultural conversation and define what it means to be courageous with our lives, knowing that connection is the energy for transformation and growth.  


Being at the intersection of creativity and human experience allows us to experiment with new ways of helping people find joy, purpose, and meaning.



Find Your Fierce is a community owned and run by Colleen Conlon, world record holder, mental health enthusiast, and total badass.  Her community’s mission is to help women overcome limiting beliefs and learn to trust themselves by mastering hardstyle kettlebell technique.  


I am a dedicated member of her community and her business’s social scientist.  Together, we explore the scientific validity of strength training’s impact on an individual’s resilience, self-esteem, and identity.  


Our shared goal is for women and young girls to redefine what it means to be strong and powerful in their bodies.  We are excited to use our findings to catalyze more healing in the community and hopefully expand our reach to women around the world.


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